Welcome To The Sunny Jackson Music Site

Welcome To The Sunny Jackson Music Website

Peace folk, and welcome to my new site. I had to change the game for all the sour patch kids out there heem off the trillness.This site is dedicated to the culture, taste, and style of a kid from South Central, Los Angeles who lives to tell his truths. The same kid who thought his way before he fought his way out of the same streets that claimed countless innocent lives both living and deceased. A kid who never really followed his peers because his moms would get pissed. Who never gang-banged or sold crack but worked since 13 to help put food on the table for himself and his two sisters. A kid that never been about that sneak dissin, green face hatin, yo swag ain’t tight because you busy worrying about the next, and by next I don’t mean after the current model-ness. Yeah nigga, that kid. The one sitting in back of the class who never raised his hand even though he knew all the answers. The one who played with Pokemon in spite of your insulting comments and douche bag ass jokes. The one who showed up late but never made it to detention. The music making, art creating, skateboarding black kid ..and I’m still that kid.

I never changed, but I’ve learned a grip. I pride myself on my growth, I think it’s dope. My mom loves me and that’s all that really matters         …that and getting rich.


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Music. Art. Skateboarding.